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Ashmole Avenue, Burntwood

Garden Room

February 2023

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Ashmole Avenue, Burntwood

February 2023

Type: Garden Room

Size: 5.5m x 3.5m

Timescale: 6 weeks


Insulated concrete base (replacing pile system)

Façade wall

Water Butt

Garden Lighting  (spurred from garden room fuse board)

Extended roof canopy

Luxury LVT Flooring



Angela and Simon first got in touch in late October 2022. They had been planning a large garden renovation at their home in Burntwood and upon arrival we were completely taken back by the stubbing views that their rear garden presented. They were looking to have a garden room built that would allow them to relax and look out over this wonderful viewpoint, as well as allowing a space for Angela to enjoy her work outs each morning.

From their house was a sloped rear garden that sat adjacent to a farmers field. This meant they were set atop of a hill that looked out to miles of natural beauty and landscape. We were incredibly interested in this project from the beginning as its setting and location were the finest we had seen so far.


Although the site allowed for this breathtaking view- it also presented challenges for Angela & Simon. They needed a structure that was robust and able to withstand high wind speeds as their location was so exposed. This meant that additional bracing and structure was necessary to ensure, for example, the roof or cladding didn’t blow away!


We were also instructed to build the room lower so that the porcelain tiles would flow up to the room, rather than having a significant step or need for decking in front of the structure. A large canopy was also installed to the front of the room too allow protection on the face of the room if doors were left open during stormy weather. This would mean that Simon and Angela could sit with a blanket and a cup of coffee in their snug, new garden room and watch the storms roll in (which is something they had enjoyed witnessing from the comfort of their home on a few occasions)


Simon and Angela were absolutely amazing throughout the process, and although they were isolating, we were able to communicate efficiently throughout the course of the build, resulting in a stunning space that ticked every one of our clients needs.

Notes from the client


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